We are experienced Healthtech consultants.

We invest in, develop, and collaborate with AI, digital, and tech-enabled healthcare companies.

Who we work with

healthcare investors

We start with due diligence to ensure your investments are clinically and technically sound. This also acts as a baseline to  understand post-investment where we can pioneer new growth opportunities.

emerging and venture backed healthcare companies

Our extensive network opens strategic B2B collaboration opportunities. These partners can help you scale your AI or data teams, or unlock the next level of product distribution.

life science companies

The future of life sciences is intertwined with advancements in digital health and device innovation. We bridge this gap through our expertise in AI, companion diagnostics and medical devices.

Our expertise

At ps.healthcare, we are deeply invested in advancing the healthcare landscape by fostering strategic collaborations. Our unique partnership ecosystem comprises visionary healthcare investors, dynamic emerging healthcare ventures, and leading life science entities. Here’s how we elevate each partnership:

  • Due Diligence Expertise
  • B2B Strategic Collaborations
  • Focus on Companion Diagnostics & AI

Peter Cronin

Dr. Peter Cronin, a seasoned healthcare entrepreneur with qualifications in medicine, business, and technology, has a track record of building successful healthcare enterprises.

Scott Savage portrait photo

Scott Savage

Scott Savage brings Data and AI best practices from Google and Pfizer, and uniquely combines them with Healthtech scale-up learnings from Mable and ResApp. 

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